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Stacy Typing as a Baby
Stacy drawing with chalk as a kid in a jurassic park hat

the sunny moments story


hi! my name is stacy and i'm so excited you found sunny moments co.  as a lifelong artist & a graphic designer by trade, i created sunny moments co. (formerly known as tomorrowland t-shirt authority) in march 2018 as a way to use my skills to celebrate my love of theme parks, pop culture, and more.

i live in the chicagoland area, where i've spent most of my life with the exception of two years in Florida when i worked for the mouse.  i'm a two time disney college program alum as well as a professional internship grad.  my first CP i was a custodian all throughout the magic kingdom which started my love of disney trash cans.  i've traveled to walt disney world, disneyland, tokyo disney, & disneyland paris, and can't wait to visit hong kong & shanghai eventually.  i'm a lover of figment, the muppets, and anything that encourages you to stretch your imagination.  besides creativity i'm very passionate about doing what is right, which includes demanding equal rights for all.  i believe you can see all of this reflected in my designs.

my hope for sunny moments co. is that while we might not always have the sunny days of our childhood, that a piece from SM will evoke a feeling for you and bring you to a memory to hold on to, a sunny moment no matter the weather. a way to make anywhere you happiest place. 



hi there, i'm berlioz!  i'm not sure why i wasn't mentioned above but i'm the creative director and true star of SMco.  my mom decided to adopt me after visiting Disneyland Paris (hence my name - she even met my cousin Berlioz & his siblings Tolouse & Marie there!)  i'm an excellent piano player, faithful assistant always at her side, and one of my favorite things to do is "help" her with the flat lay pictures, often times by laying on them myself.

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